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While Kristin Dos Santos may be the queen of all things TV here at E!, Team Awful was up, though not so bright eyed and bushy tailed (we're out late keeping up with the partying peeps, after all), for this morning's Emmy award announcements.

And while we were mucho pleased with some of the noms (Modern Family, True Blood, Jane Lynch) and not-so-surprised by most of 'em (Mad Men, 30 Rock, Lost, of course) we couldn't help but notice a couple folks were rudely snubbed:

On the top of our boob tube blow-off list? Busy Philipps, who steals scenes week after week on Cougar Town (which, BTW, we think is funnier than The Office these days). Oh, and the always sexy cast of True Blood. C'mon, the show was nominated but no Anna? No Skarsgård? No anybody?

And our poor cynical hearts absolutely broke for the writers on Grey's Anatomy. Sure they might have thrown us a ghost-humping curveball in the past, but their writing was solid in the finale. Can't help but think Kathy Heigl cursed the hell out of them!

But who do you think was Emmy's biggest blunder, or was it someone we didn't name?

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