It really, really (really) pains us to say this but…Michael Lohan was right. About one thing, anyway: Kim Kardashian may be the best influence Lindsay Lohan has going in her life.

After all, it was Kim and not a group of paparazzi or a club full of LiLo's manipulative hangers-on closest friends who Lindsay chose to belatedly ring in her 24th birthday with last night.

Despite sources confirming just hours beforehand that Lindsay was due to turn up at Las Palmas last night for what would have been a particularly ill-advised bash, she  wisely opted out of the high-profile festivities, choosing to eschew the party scene and instead have Kim and British socialite Lady Victoria Hervey over for a low-key hang sesh.

"Lindsay is not having her birthday @laspalmas!!!" her pal Markus Molinari clarified somewhat needlessly early this morning. "She is at home with friends and family!!! We wish her well and love her!!!"

That love seems to be increasingly shared by the curviest Kardashian, who has been tweeting out messages of support to Lindsay throughout her latest headline-grabbing ordeal.

"Sending positivity your way @LindsayLohan," she wrote Tuesday, shortly after the star's 90-day jail sentence was handed down. "Love you! Everyone please send LL your sweet prayers. U never know when someone really needs it."

Her kind words did not go unheeded.

"Thank you so much @KimKardashian – thanks for being such a good friend, it means a lot to me."

Her drop-by last night no doubt was touching as well, as Kardashian arrived at Lindsay's West Hollywood pad and stayed for roughly two hours with her devastated pal.

"She'll be fine, she is a strong girl," Kim reassured E! News while arriving at the apartment.

And that must have been some chat she had with E!'s reality queen. Lindsay also, inevitably, took to Twitter again last night, this time seeking to highlight the supposed atrocity of her sentence by quoting the United Nations' Declaration of Human Rights.

At least she's keeping things in perspective.

"It is clearly stated in Article 5 of the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights that….No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment," she wrote.

"This was taken from an article by Erik Luna. 'November 1 marked the 15th anniversary of the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines. But there were no celebrations, parades, or other festivities in honor of this punishment scheme created by Congress and the U.S. Sentencing Commission…

'Instead, the day passed like most others during the last 15 years: Scores of federal defendants sentenced under a constitutionally perverted system that saps moral judgment through its mechanical rules.'"

So you see? Lindsay hasn't been sentenced to jail because she egregiously broke the law—twice in quick succession. She was sentenced because the legal system is perverted and unfair and people are judgey (though she's already made clear her opinion of them). So much for taking responsibility.

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Lindsay sure could use a friend right now. Get the latest on her ever-worsening situation.

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