Michael Lohan on Lindsay: "She's Got a Disease"

Jail-bound actress's father speaks out in wake of 90-day sentencing, says rehabilitation, not incarceration, is the answer

By Ken Baker, Whitney English Jul 07, 2010 10:03 PMTags

Daddy Dearest believes he has the perfect prescription for Lindsay Lohan—and he says the judge got it wrong.

"It's not about incarceration, it's about rehabilitation—and you don't get rehabilitated in jail, trust me," Michael Lohan says in an exclusive interview with E! News airing tonight. "She's so glossed over with all this medication she's on. She'll never be right until she stops it."

And he doesn't stop there.

"I'll say it to her face: 'You're a liar, it's your addiction, it's your disease and I know it's not you, but you're a liar—stop,' " Michael says. "Maybe chronologically she's 24. But believe me, emotionally she's no older than 14 or 15—and I mean that."

He believes that although the judge did order Lindsay to go to an inpatient rehabilitation facility after her jail sentence, she should really go right away.

"She actually believes that the medication she's on is something she needs. We can all see that and we know that. She's got a disease. You don't put a person in jail for that. Throw her into a rehab for as long as you want...six months, longer.

"In court, they even said the only thing she tested positive for were prescription drugs," says Michael. "What's killing people now? What killed Heath Ledger? What killed Adam Goldstein? Brittany Murphy? Prescription drugs."

Michael, who has had what could generously be called a rocky relationship with Lindsay (the two are currently on the outs, for those keeping score at home), says one of the reasons Lindsay can't seem to get help is because she has no support system around her.

"The people in the courtroom yesterday...there was no emotion when she got sentenced," he says. "I couldn't believe it. It was sickening to see it. Her two so-called friends in front of me were just whispering in each other's ears."

And for those who think Lindsay's tearful outburst at learning her fate was fake, Michael says no way.

"[The tears] were real. That wasn't Lindsay acting, not when she knew she was going to jail...this time it was for real."

"Maybe she needs to be scared," he continues. "Maybe she needs to get a taste of it. She's surrounded herself with dark people and she's in a dark place and she needs to get out of it. The next dark place she's going to be in is a jail cell.

"There is so much more behind this that I can't even talk about, that she talked to me about, that happened when she was in the wrong state of mind that literally would kill any father to hear and not be able to do anything about."

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Does father know best? Find out by watching Michael Lohan's entire interview on E! News tonight at 7 and 11:30 p.m.