Lindsay Lohan Changes Clothes Three Times During Hearing

Starlet's makes a few subtle outfit changes during course of her day at L.A. courthouse, but the different looks sure didn't help her cause

By Ella Ngo Jul 07, 2010 4:16 PMTags
Lindsay LohanMichael Buckner/Getty Images

The theme was courthouse conservative, but that didn't stop Lindsay Lohan from treating her hearing yesterday like a high-fashion shoot.

Throughout the course of the day, the embattled starlet swapped out her clothes and accessories a number of times...

Linds first entered court in a subdued black blouse, gray slacks, black pumps and sunglasses. But maybe the actress decided she wanted to look even more serious about not going to jail, because later she returned from a break sporting a black blazer and necklace over the blouse.

Of course one wardrobe change wasn't enough. During another recess LiLo traded in the ensemble for a cowl-neck jumpsuit, demure white cardigan, peep-toe platform pumps and another set of eyewear.

She seemed happy with it, because this was the outfit she wore when the judge sentenced her to the slammer.

We're not sure where La Lohan did the quick-changes or why she did it—trying to convince the judge that she literally was a transformed person?—but in the end all that work didn't pay off.

Sorry, sweetie, fashion can only get you so far.


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