Jason Segel's latest project: How I Met Our Minister.

The actor-screenwriter presided over the nuptials of a non-actor couple Tuesday on The Tonight Show. They had watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall and thought that Segel would be the perfect man to marry them.

While wearing clothes, of course.

Then Abbe Thorner and Jason Wood had the good luck to see Segel at a West Hollywood bar, where they asked him to do the honors.

"They turned out to be the nicest, most normal fun-loving couple ever," Segal told Jay Leno. "I guess the guys who were supposed to officiate their wedding dropped out and they were watching Sarah Marshall at the time—which, I mean, most people are—so they convinced me that I would be an appropriate person to officiate their wedding, and I told them I was out of town for their actual day."

But then he asked them if they wanted to swap vows during his appearance on The Tonight Show, and they said, "We do."

Segel got his marrying cred from the Universal Life Church, Leno served as the official witness, the couple's family sat in the audience, and the groom had only a little bit of trouble remembering his lines.

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Too bad the Celeb Weddings We Can't Wait For aren't going to take place on The Tonight Show!

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