Jenna Dewan, PETA


Are you wondering how Channing Tatum's hottie wife, Jenna Dewan, could follow up her sex-filled romp in Christina Aguilera's latest video? By stripping down for the always-controversial PETA, of course! But seeing the snakey sexpot got us to thinking:

Do these ads really work, or is it just a way for everyone involved to grab some headlines?

Jenna's ad, which has her slithering in scale-like paint (and nothing else!) to protest wearing exotic skins, comes on the heels of Justin Gaston's naked romp for the animal rights activists. Does that name ring a bell? It's Miley Cyrus' ex, of course, the one who tried to wriggle his wannabe-model way into the limelight.

We've got nothing against these chicks (and the occasional fellow) posing in the buff—if they want to show off some skin, more power to ‘em—'cause it's not just the minor celebs we question, it's the notorious PETA itself.

Sure, we get it. By having these smokin' stars pose in the buff, the ad-campaign generates buzz and people are more likely to hear PETA's protesting. But does it work?

We were recently trolling Twitter for some laughs and got think thinking when comedian @robdelaney tweeted: "PETA has conditioned me to only care about animals when there's a naked model staring at me."

Team Awful is all about animal activism, duh—we love hearing about your rescued pooches and pussycats in the daily Bitch-Backs!—but we can't help but think there's a better way for PETA to get the message out.

Or is the bare-it-all approach the best bet and should Ted ditch his knickers to support the L.A. animal shelters?

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