Bryce Dallas Howard, Ralph Fiennes

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It's round five of our Twi-Potter Tournament, a weeklong showdown with daily duels between the two smash-hit franchises. Today's face-off is the between those vile villains:

Voldemort: Dude, he tried to kill a baby Harry—and has been after the young Potter ever since. Born and raised in a Muggle orphanage, Ralph Fiennes' self-hating, power-crazy wizard takes no chances when it comes to achieving evil immortality, saving his splintered soul in hidden horcruxes.

Victoria: What's the only excuse for bad behavior that's better than a rotten childhood? Avenging the death of your lover! Forget killing kids, Bryce Dallas Howard's fiery fanged redhead turns them into her own little vampire army to hunt down Bella and the Cullen clan.

Twi-Potter Tournament: Round 5
Which villain is scarier?

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