Renee Zellweger, Bradley Cooper


Ever since Bradley Cooper started hanging around with Renée Zellweger, haven't you noticed that you're just a little less interested in him? The guy deserves a red-hot romance, not one that attracted more paparazzi attention before the relaysh even started.

But we were stunned to see Renée out of her jogging suit and in the same frame shot as her BF Bradley here in NYC Tuesday night. Are you buying their power-couple status now?

If you're keeping score, R.Z. has been trying to glam it up the past few weeks. It seems the hard-chilling A-Team bro, or rather his team, is trying to get his lady out of purgatory and up to A-list status again. Hollywood has big plans for The Coop, so naturally this means he needs to have a leading lady at his side to share it with.

Feast your eyes on this shot of Zooper (is that the right name?) leaving the Broadway play Lend Me A Tenor last night (visiting Hangover costar Justin Bartha, perhaps?). Miss Crumpleface is lookin' tres slim and sophisticated, which is expected, since the man by her side is rapidly climbing T-Town's ladders. But what's with the short hair? Babe, let loose!

Of course, nothing need be said about Vice-worthy Bradley, who might as well have walked right off of a GQ photo shoot. Not fair.

Must 'fess the two are looking much, much better together. Dare we say, even good? Still not sure we're convinced this is the right match, for either of the babes.

But what do you think, Awful Truthers? Is there a future in your tabloid hearts for Bradley and Renée?

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