Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott

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This should put those troubled-marriage rumors to rest.

While attending Juno Baby's "All For One" Bus Tour, supermom Tori Spelling dished to reporters that despite her busy schedule, she and husband Dean McDermott would like to add more children to their Home Sweet Hollywood clan. Tori told reporters:

"We would like a third. Probably get these two a litle more self-sufficient and then try!"

Tori's daugher, Stella, just celebrated her second birthday and is quite the junior fashionista, according to her mom...

"She's very into fashion. She now insists on her nails being painted, at age 2. She's into makeup, purses, everything."

When asked if Tori had any vacations planned for the summer, she told reporters:

"Work! We just started a new show called Tori and Dean Weddings so we will  be filming that all summer. Maybe a little time by the beach, hopefully!"

Here's hoping the Spelling-McDermott family can find time for work and play!

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