Tater Tops Are Here! Vote Now for Breakout TV Star

Get in here and vote now for your TV faves!

By Kristin Dos Santos Jun 28, 2010 10:45 PMTags
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Little known fact: Next week, the Television Academy will be handing out nominations for something called the "Primetime Emmy Awards" (pronounced: pry-mm ty-me eh-mee ah-words) .

Of course, we all know where the real glory comes in for TV's best-loved stars: E! Online's annual Tater Top Awards—the only awards decided solely by the voters who know best: you fans.

And it begins right here...

Tater Tops is the chance for you TV-lovin' couch potatoes (Taters? Get it? So clever, we know) to give love to the TV shows and stars you love the most.

All joking about the "real glory" aside, I can tell you that the Tater Top Award winners do receive real, bona fide Golden Tater trophies, and many of the actors and producers who've won in the past have reached out to say how utterly cool it is to know how much you fans care.

Plus, that trophy sure makes for a stunning centerpiece, as it is 100 percent feng shui certified and real gold (in color)!

Today, we kick off our 2010 Tater Top Awards with the brightest and newest favorites of the TV season: Male and Female Breakout Stars. (Some of them may have been working for a while, but were discovered by you during the past year.)

The nominations were all sent in by you, and tallied by us.

We'll be tackling a new category each weekday for the next three weeks as Tater Tops continues, so don't forget to keep nominating and voting until winners are announced on July 20.

And listen up robo-voters, we've got ya pegged! Thanks to our handy dandy cheat-blocking device, there will be no uber-voting allowed throughout the Tater Tops Awards. So don't fret, each poll's results will be 100% accurate. We promise.

Please note: If you are reading this story via mobile (iPhone, Crackberry, etc), you can't vote. Sorry. But if you remember to vote next time you're on a real computer, we'll give you a pony. Or a smile. Our choice.

Did we miss anyone? Tell me right this second in the comments section or via my Twitter (@kristindsantos) and we might add them in.

Important: Tomorrow we'll be tackling Best Shocker and Moment That Made You Want to Throw Out Your TV, so get your nominations in stat for those. (Again, via our comments section or @kristindsantos on Twitter.)

Check back tomorrow for more Tater Tops action!