Sophia & Austin Visit the Gulf and Urge Your Help!

One Tree Hill stars Bush and Nichols make a trip to survey and tweet about the BP oil spill disaster

By Ted Casablanca Jun 24, 2010 6:00 PMTags
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Celebs can be do-gooders too, y'know.

While we're all enjoying the fun and hype of the big premiere of Twilight Saga: Eclipse today, it's important to stay aware of what's still happening down on the Gulf Coast. We told you the other day that One Tree Hill hotties Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols were on a Twitter rampage to encourage their followers to donate to the oil spill effort (specifically, the Global Green).

Now the two are actually getting their hands dirty with an up-close and personal look at the situation in the Gulf:

The duo joined Global Green representative Matt for a tour of the water and the beaches in Louisiana that were affected by the disastrous BP oil spill. Despite being told by police that the clean-up process was too dangerous for them to lend a hand, Soph and Austin are actively trying to learn about the nature of the spill and what they can do to stop it. They surveyed the land and talked to locals, trying to understand as much as they could the reach of the damage.

Austin's even taken to posting photos on his official Facebook page, with captions that seem to out both BP and the local clean-up effort (check them out here and here).

The good news is that their Twitters (his and hers, babes) are quickly gaining followers, and there is no shortage of urgent Tweets about news, photos, and other upsetting information on the spill. We think other celebs should take a note from the couple and really try to make an effort to use their power of celebrity for good.

Not everyone's got to visit the Gulf—but when you've got thousands of fans who are eager to hear whatever comes out of your mouth, every once in a while you should say something worth hearing.

Kudos to Soph and Austin! And if you generous folk feel like donating, you can visit the Global Green website and lend a hand!

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