Lindsay Lohan

David Tonnessen,

Good help is hard to find. Quiet help is even harder.

But while rumors have been circulating that the latest in a long line of Lindsay Lohan's ex-assistants may be penning a tell-all about the actress in the wake of abruptly quitting two weeks ago, E! News confirms that this is not the case.

Well, not yet anyway.

Eleonore Lieven, who was with Lindsay during Passportgate in Cannes last month, has reportedly seen offers of up to $50,000 to dish the dirt on her former employer, but a source close to the onetime helper says it's unlikely Lieven would cash in on her connection.

"It seems very unlikely to me," the source told E! News. "It's not consistent with Eleonore's character."

But oh the tales she could tell.

And while the hired hand did jump ship without much (or any) warning, the source denies that there is any bad blood between the duo that would tempt Lieven into spilling Lindsay's secrets.

"It's a hard job," our source says. "But you know, it's not abnormal for people in Hollywood to go through assistants like paper towels."

As for reports that the Los Angeles District Attorney may call Lieven to testify in Lindsay's ongoing probation case next month, the office's spokeswoman Jane Robison says they have no intention or need to get her on the stand.

"We would never call an assistant," she said, adding that the most likely candidates to testify are counselors or other personnel from Lohan's alcohol-education classes.

"We probably will call people from the program," Robison said. "I'm not sure how many yet."

The hearing is scheduled to take place July 6.

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That's one less feud for Lindsay to worry about.

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