Rob Pattinson Asks You to Look Closely at Taylor Lautner's Neutered Wolf (Plus a New Eclipse Clip!)

Jimmy Kimmel brings the cast of Eclipse together in prime time

By Natalie Finn Jun 24, 2010 4:30 AMTags

Huh, we never really thought about the werewolf genitalia in Twilight, but thanks, Robert Pattinson, for pointing it out!

"If you look carefully, it's a little easter egg in the film, the censors wouldn't let the wolves have genitalia," R.Pattz said, part of the Jimmy Kimmel-encouraged, rather endearing pissing contest taking place between the Brit and Taylor Lautner on tonight's Twilight Saga: Total Eclipse of the Heart special, featuring the Eclipse cast's heaviest hitters.

"It wouldn't be PG-13 if the wolves had genitalia…They're like the action figures," Pattinson said, agreeing with Kimmel that the wolf pack had been "spayed and neutered" before hitting the big screen.

As for the vampires, though, "We're all there," he scoffed.

With both of her guys on either side of her, even Kristen Stewart managed to look as if she was having a good time—and she loosened up even more once fellow castmembers Peter Facinelli, Dakota Fanning, Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel, Nikki Reed, Elizabeth Reaser and Ashley Greene had joined in the fun as well.

Kristen even cracked a smile hearing Aussie newcomer Samuel recount how he was bitten by a raccoon in Vancouver's Stanley Park.

But obviously Kimmel had a read on what his rabidly watching audience wanted to know about.

"My heart says Team Edward, but my head says Team Jacob—and then my stomach says Hot Pocket," he quipped.

The host did his best to shake things up as Lautner and Stewart talked about swimming with sharks and singing Miley Cyrus karaoke while on their international press tour for their latest film, opening June 30.

"Did they lunge at your amazing abs?" inquired Kimmel.

Alas, Taylor was wearing a wetsuit when he swam with the sharks, but he did reluctantly admit that a werewolf would probably drown in a fight against a Great White.

"I think we've found your weakness," Kimmel deadpanned.

The prime-time special also featured Twilight as acted out by cast of Jersey Shore, which was actually pretty darn funny.

Finally, yet another never-before-seen clip from Eclipse—somehow the whole movie has not been seen in clip form yet—made its debut tonight.

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