Naomi Campbell

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Naomi Campbell made a rare appearance in Hollywood last night.

The supermodel with the notorious temper hit up the BING party at Boa last night, making her way to her VIP table right after Drake finished a fab performance at the hot hang.

Campbell, who, we must say, looked pretty damn delicious, has been known to get feisty with housekeepers and assistants in the past, but last night she got grabby with someone else...

Relax, legal squad, it was just with boyfriend, Vladimir Doronin.

Naomi was gabbing with a gal-pal for a while before she snatched up her hunky billionaire boyfriend and went hand-in-hand with him inside the restaurant where the two hit the dance floor, getting their groove on to Michael Jackson.

Also, surprisingly downplayed earlier in the evening...

A probation-extended Nicole Richie, who checked out all of Drake's performance at the bash, was all smiles (looking ferosh in white) at a table near the stage.

And holed up at Nic's table, still cute enough to see why Reese Witherspoon totally fell for him at one point, was...

Ryan Phillippe, who came down from Soho House to watch the performance, looked studly in a jacket and jeans with a couple of guy friends. Interesting chick break for the dude, by the by. And jeez, was this a hot-people-only party or something? Far more gal-oriented and dancing on top of his VIP table to the performance was...

Jamie Foxx, with his babe-filled entourage in tow, including True Blood star Rutina Wesely. Also from the T.B. cast was Sam Trammell, who himself was arm-in-arm with his cute GF.

Earlier in the evening, Sam was chatting up a storm with Elizabeth Banks outside, narrowly avoiding a stumbling Mischa Barton, who was busy pushing her way inside to the bar area. Girl was on a mission.

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