Nudity No Biggie for True Blood Hunk Sam Trammell

HBO’s resident shapeshifter is so used to being naked, he didn’t realize it’s a big deal

By Ted Casablanca, Taryn Ryder Jun 23, 2010 6:39 PMTags
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Team Awful loves True all know this. But what we do keep secret from you is who we've each pegged as our No. 1 hunk on HBO's hit show.

Well, Ted's giving his up now: It's all about Sam Trammell, baby. Shocked it's not Alexander Skarsgård, right?

We ran into Sam at last night's BING party at Boa in West Hollywood, and the guy couldn't have been more adorable when we thanked him for giving Skars a run for his money on being naked in almost every scene of season three (which, is something Alex has thanked Sam for too, FYI).

"I'm always sort of stuck in the weirdest places without my clothes," the shapeshifter told Kristin Dos Santos at the True Blood premiere two weeks ago.

As for whether he's used to it now? Sam, who was with his gorge blond girlfriend (sorry, ladies and gents) last night, said the shirtless stuff was recently brought to his attention: "I didn't even really realize I was shirtless in almost every scene until I started reading about it everywhere," Sam grinned, dimpled and all.

Hotness! Looks like someone is just used to being naked by now. We told his GF she was one lucky lady and that the lack of Sam's clothes this season has not disappointed fans.

"Well that's nice to hear!" Sam said laughing as his babe looked on adoringly.

The T.B. hunk was also overheard telling friends, rather genuinely, how excited he and the entire cast were that their show was renewed for a fourth season.

"You hope it happens, and think it might, but who really knows. We're all really excited." But don't think he has any idea where it's going to go...

"I haven't even seen the third episode yet," Trammell ‘fessed when we asked him what we could look forward to.

Hey, as long as the writers didn't decide to make S.T. too comfortable with clothes, we'll like it no matter what.

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