The Real Story Behind Jake and Vienna's Breakup: "She Was Kind of Stalkerish"

The Bachelor winner denies cheating rumors, while sources close to the couple tell a different story

By Kristin Dos Santos Jun 22, 2010 6:29 PMTags
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It's official. The Bachelor's latest power couple, Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi, are over. But what's not official is the reason why, and despite reports that Vienna cheated on Jake with Greek actor Gregory Michael, Vienna just tweeted: "The accusations of me cheating are completely fabricated. 100% false."

Meanwhile, a source close to Greg tells us he is in Venezuela right now with another girl.

So why did Jake and Vienna really call it quits?

Here's what insiders tell us:

Cheating or no cheating, sources close to the couple say Vienna didn't give Jake a whole lot of space in the relationship. "She was kind of stalkerish," says one staffer who worked closely with Jake on Dancing With the Stars. "She wanted to spend a lot of time with him. Everywhere he would go, she would go...Rehearsals, photo shoots and even practice. She was the only significant other there sometimes--it was a little weird." And when they were apart, she'd leave behind little notes for him. She tweeted this one on June 6.)

I'm told Vienna was less than thrilled when Jake was cast on DWTS, saying she was "not a fan of reality TV" (ahem, no comment) and didn't like all the girls surrounding him, so she stayed close.

(To her credit, if you've ever witnessed in real life how many girls quite obviously throw themselves at any recent Bachelor, you'd probably call Vienna a very smart cookie.)

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A staffer who works on The Bachelor says he isn't surprised by the breakup. "I don't think anyone really expected [Jake and Vienna] to last. It seemed like more of an infatuation than true love."

It seems that "infatuation" worked both ways, as Jake felt so enamored with Vienna he didn't heed warnings from his family (as we saw on The Bachelor), and Vienna was so into Jake it's the whole reason she went on the show in the first place. (She had no desire to be a reality TV star.)

As for those cheating rumors, an eyewitness at last weekend's PacSun Ballyhoo event tells us there was some major PDA going down between Vienna and Greek's Gregory Michael.

"They were kissing in front of me," says the source. "He was introducing her around to people. She seemed really into him."

But we wouldn't call them a couple just yet, and it's not technically cheating if Vienna and Jake had already split—which is what we're hearing. "[Vienna and Gregory] first met Saturday at Children's Hospital of Orange County's Oncology Prom," claims a source.

"They were broken up before Vienna and Gregory even met," another insider confirms. "Vienna assured Gregory that Jake was long gone."

Do you believe the cheating rumors, or was it something else? Did you see the breakup coming? Comment below...

—Additional reporting by Cristina Gibson and Whitney English

(Originally published June 22, 2010 at 10:29 a.m. PT)

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