Chris Klein

Lisa O'Connor/ZUMA

Coming off the totally unsurprising news that Chris Klein checked into rehab, we had to wonder: What the heck happened to this once-studly American Pie guy?

Granted, his peak of stardom was nearly a decade ago, but we always had high hopes for the cutie, especially since his goofy demeanor and quarterback good looks spelled heartthrob for Young Hollywood. Remember, he once dated that dancin' dame Katie Holmes. Chris was on his way to becoming America's favorite All-American dude.

What happened?

Once he lost Katie, it was all downhill from there.

Now he's making crap movies and even crappier decisions. Drunken driving down L.A. freeways. Becoming the subject of horrible viral videos. Making the public walk of shame...

Is it ‘cause Katie ultimately broke his heart by choosing Tom all those years ago? Or is it because he regrets treating her like crap before that? Maybe this past love—and all the attention given to the Cruise-Holmes power coupling these days—has been on Chris' mind. Combine that with a dubious career path, and you've got a trainwreck waiting to happen, babes.

Look, we're not making fun of the fact that he's another rehabbing celeb. In fact, power to the guy for seeking help before it gets worse! But what about you? Does a guy like Chris and his desire to get cleaned up make you forget about his past? Do you want to see him make a H'wood comeback?

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