Spoiler Chat: Glee, 30 Rock, True Blood and More

Could Brittany be pulling a Britney? Will Matt Damon be back? And who's gettin' nakey?

By Kristin Dos Santos Jun 21, 2010 11:20 PMTags
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Talk about some dreamy guest stars!

Matt Damon back on 30 Rock...Kristin Chenoweth back on Glee (and possibly her own TV show?!) and...drumroll please...Brittany (Heather Morris) doing Britney on Glee? Yes, please!

Here's our latest roundup of answers to your burning TV questions, which also includes scoop on the latest True Blood star to get nekkid:

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Barry in Ohio: Glee please!
How about some Kristin Chenoweth news that'll make your heart sing?! Our favorite guest star tells us she's setting her sights on Glee's second season, and she's in talks to have her own show. (Anybody remember Kristin? Yeah, it's not that.) "I'm working on my album with Sony," the O.G. Snookie (Olive Snook, bitches, yo yo!) tells us. "So I'll be doing a tour and going back to Glee a little bit and also doing my own TV show." According to a source close to K.Chen, it's way too early to divulge any other details, but still, feel free to hug me and give me chocolates for sharing this happy news. No really, I don't mind.

Maggie in Barcelona: Is that Britney Spears' themed episode of Glee really going to happen?
As of now everything is still in talks, but I wouldn't be surprised if Glee pulled off a Britster episode in season two. We know one Gleek (and fellow "Brit") who'd love it, too. Heather Morris (Brittany) tells me: "I heard there's a Britney Spears episode coming up and fingers crossed that I get to sing, because I play Brittany and I'm like, 'Oh my god, it's insane.'" That could potentially be Heather's first solo...how fitting is that?!

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Thom in Louisville, Ky.: What a great finale 30 Rock delivered. Where are things picking up when it comes back?
Things are picking up with a big ol' shman! OK, not right away, but according to the lovely Jane Krakowski, "Will Forte will be coming back as Jenna's shman." Liz Lemon is getting lucky in love, too! "I do believe Matt Damon is going to come back," Jane tells us. "He is scheduled to make some return appearances if we can work them around his schedule and availability." Woo to the hoo! Let's start a bridal registry for Liz Lemon now.

Tara in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.: I really liked the premiere episode of The Real L Word. What are the girls up to next?
More drama, of course. Anniversary drama, ex-hookup drama and fashion week drama. Mikey gets let down twice over, from her search for a venue for L.A. Fashion Week and from her girlfriend, Raquel. But the most shocking storyline is when Nikki finds herself jealous of someone else in Jill's life…a dude! What will the PTC say? Is America ready for opposite-sex flirtation on television? For the record, I'm sickened.


Joey in Fontana, Calif.: Is there an end date set for Entourage?
We just asked show runner Doug Ellin the same thing, and here's what we learned: "Next year's the plan to end it," he said. But: "Hopefully we're going to do a movie, so we'll see." Booyah! How fab is that?! So how would it all end? "Honestly, I make it up as I go, so I have no idea," Ellin admitted with a laugh. "I would love to tell you I'm like Damon Lindelof on Lost like, 'I've got the whole plan.' I've got no plan. I don't even know how I'm ending this season right now. And we're shooting the end in about 10 days." The new season starts this Sunday on HBO.

Candice in Butte Falls, Ore.: Did you really like the Hawaii Five-0 pilot, or are you just saying that because you love Daniel Dae Kim?
Can't I just say both, and move on? Fine, yes, even if DDK weren't on this show, I can tell you that I loved the debut episode (along with everyone else here at E! who's seen it) but if you don't believe me, we've asked Scott Caan, aka Danno, to describe the series in three words that will really sell it. Ready? Go! "Hawaii. Five. O. No. Action. Comedy. And hair." See? There you have it. If you're not sold now, well...OK fine, we forgive you. But you will be when you see it.

Jamie in Little Rock, Ark.: I'm really excited about Rookie Blue. Have you seen it yet, and do you love it?
Ephram Brown is back in the hiz-ouse! We love us some Gregory Smith. That said, Rookie Blue is a little rough around the edges, with far too pretty police officers, but it's definitely not terrible and worth a glance. If you're a lover of all things procedural, this is right up your alley. Don't miss the premiere this Thursday, June 24 on ABC.


Brenda in Boise, Idaho: Give me some Bachelorette scoop, please!
As you wish. Poor Frank is falling hard for Ali, but during all of those group dates he's just not showing it, thus pushing her away. Catch--22, ya know? But luckily, Kacey is there to up the creepy/dramatic factor this week: He still hasn't shown Ali his tattoo and faces off against the wrestler, Justin.

Rachel in Boston: Hi there. Obsessed with all the Real Housewives here. Any dish?
We here on Team WWK try our darnedest not to judge shows too quickly (we are classically trained television journalists, after all), but after checking out the pilot episode of Real Housewives of Washington D.C., a franchise we are shamelessly obsessed with, we're not sold. At all. Unfortunately, we might be more into the new city of wacky women if the Michaele and Tareq Salahi, aka the White House Party Crashers, weren't a part of it. They give off a pretty icktastic vibe through most of the episode. We'll have more commentary on the latest ladies when the August premiere date gets closer.

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Leona from Springfield, Ill.: It'll be hard for me to watch Gossip Girl without Chuck and Blair goodness. Got any scoop on my favorite TV couple?
Sorry, "Chair" lovers. Sources just confirmed to us the news that the Gossip Girl powers that be have cast the role of Eva, Chuck's new lady. Clémence Poésy, a French actress best known for her role as Fleur Delacour in the Harry Potter movies, is signed on for multiple episodes. We're told she will just be a recurring character and not a series regular. So, don't set fire to your "Chuck + Blair = Love" signs just yet.

Megan in Wrightwood, Calif.: Is Georgina really, truly pregnant on Gossip Girl or is she faking it?
Yessirree. Michelle Trachtenberg told us this when asked that very Q: "Yes, and I'm trying to spread the rumor that I actually was pregnant so that everybody could start talking about how great I look after the baby. I really shed the weight." Damn. Wish I'd gotten the memo that make-believe TV pregnancies were less fattening!

Landon in Atlanta, Ga.: I'm loving Lie to Me. What's coming up?
A Grey's Anatomy guest star, that's what! Melissa George (Alias and In Treatment, too) will make an appearance in an upcoming episode where the Lightman Group takes on a case from the D.C. police. A case that involves a paralyzed man. Read: Dr. Lightman can only read his eye movements. Trippy, right?

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Johnny in San Francisco: Friday Night Lights, please!
For an episode called "Toilet Bowl," you'd think this week's FNL would, well, stink. But like every other episode this season, it's just awesome wrapped in gloriousness and sprinkled with more awesome. The Lions face a terrible team in a game aptly titled the Toilet Bowl, but don't expect a blowout exactly. And Landry has a big moment in the game, so get excited for that. Get excited, I say!

Sherrie in Ramona, Calif.: I loved The Gates. What's ahead?
Poor Claire (Rhona Mitra, who is just fantastic, no?) is going to struggle to put her, um, slip up with the new neighbor behind her. She's means well, really. And Nick (Frank Grillo) is getting close to uncovering the secret life of the Gates' residents, much to his dismay.


Genevieve in Sykesville, Md.: Any news on Damon and Elena on The Vampire Diaries would be fantastic!
We can't specify that this is in any way, shape or form in reference to Damon and Elena, but show runner extraordinaire Julie Plec tweeted this little gem late last night: "TVD. This is the season of soul mates. What's yours?" OMG. Stay tuned as we continue to try and uncover exactly what Julie's talking about.

Jesse in Rhode Island: True Blood! True Blood! True Blood!
We all know Layfette is thisclose to hooking up with True Blood newbie Kevin Alejandro (Jesus), but did you know that it's like real love and stuff? "Lafayette don't spend time on flings," Nelsan Ellis tells us. "They come and then they go, but this character, Jesus, he's been with for about two weeks. That's a lifetime for Lafayette, and he has deep, deep feelings for Jesus." Adds Kevin: "You'll see me throughout the season all the way 'til the end so whatever happens after that, we'll see." And a big prize pony to anyone who guessed that we'd be seeing some steamy scenes between these two. When asked if he'll be getting nude this season, Kevin tells me: "Yeah, there's been enough. Not to the extreme, but there's been enough. You'll see it happen."

Peggy in Georgia: Thanks for all the awesome True Blood scoop and video today Pam is the best character on TV. Any more dish on her?
As a matter of fact, Kristin Bauer (Pam) says there are big things ahead for the scene stealer. "We get more sides of Pam," she promises. "Her relationship with Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) is really explored, which is incredibly fun because it's a father-daughter relationship." Really? Did anyone else catch that vibe? Hmmm! Pam's also "very involved in the politics of the vampire world this year, and that's another fun thing because we see her at the hierarchy of these different vampires." Still, Alexander Skarsgård reminds us: "Eric is still at the top when it comes to Bon Temps--or at least he thinks he is."

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Alyson in Fla.: Anything on Pretty Little Liars?
Let's play a guessing game. The following things will happen in an upcoming episode, but which girl will suffer each fate?

  • Someone gets an unexpected Daddy visit
  • Someone gets some majorly unsolicited advice
  • Someone gets a gift from an unlikely suitor (or suitoress)
  • Someone gets some unwarranted academic praise

Penny in Las Vegas: What's going to happen with the girls on Make It or Break It if they're kicked off the national team?
Fret not, the ladies will be reinstated and France bound before you can muster up a quick au revoir. Still, it won't be an easy go of it with Kaylie and Lauren facing some mayjah girlfight drama.


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