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Jeremy London's nightmare ordeal is over. Or is it?

More questions have arisen in the aftermath of the actor's seemingly harrowing experience last week, this time by cops who are defending Palm Springs' honor and calling into question the alleged frequency of such bizarre and fear-inducing crimes.

London's wife Melissa—no stranger to her own troubles—has claimed that police informed the family that gunpoint robberies, kidnappings and forced drug-taking such as allegedly befell her husband have become increasingly commonplace crimes in the desert town.

Not so, the cops tell E! News.

Sgt. Mitch Spike, from the Palm Spring Police Department's Watch Command, said that this is the first time he has ever heard of a robbery-turned-forced drugging taking place in their jurisdiction.

While Melissa London said she was told that criminals engaged in the heinous twofer in order to render their victims less reliable witnesses after the fact, Spike said he was unaware of any members of the force making such statements. Particularly because the statement itself is far from accurate.

"Usually if a victim or witness is under the influence of something, we would just reinterview them when they are not under the influence," he told E! News.

Jeremy London, incidentally, was interviewed for several hours on Thursday, a full week after the incident took place. While a man has already been arrested and arraigned on the charges relating to the case, it remains an ongoing investigation.

In the meantime, while Jeremy's mother Debbie Nelson and twin brother Jason London have already spoken out about their desire for Jeremy to use his harrowing ordeal as an opportunity to get whatever help he may need, it's they who may now be in need of a little assistance as a result of so publicly airing their concerns.

E! News has confirmed that Jeremy's lawyer, Catherine Lombardo, has sent a letter to his chatty family members imploring them to cease and desist from speaking out about their take on the incident, saying, "the information you are providing is false and your behavior is reckless." The letter, delivered on Friday night, also said that their unauthorized blabbing could "harm the reputation" of London.

As a result, they are requesting the family members to clam up and have threatened to seek out an "immediate injunction" against them if they fail to do so.

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