Lady Gaga Takes Herself Out to the Ballgame, Leaves Pants at Home

Superstar crooner causes a scene at a Yankees game for the second time, sporting nothing but an unbuttoned jersey and panties

By Brandi Fowler Jun 20, 2010 11:51 PMTags
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UPDATE: Whew! Baseball Lady Gaga fans can take heart that she has not been banned, as earlier reports had it. Yankees GM Brian Cashman clarified the situation Sunday.

"She's not banned," said Cashman. "Celebrities aren't banned."

So what was the problem?

Apparently the pop star's post-loss clubhouse visit—a no-no, apparently—also kept the assembled baseball media waiting in the hall, adding to the kerfluffle. But it's all good now.

"It's been taken care of," said Cashman.


New York Yankees execs seem to have had just about enough of Lady Gaga's antics. 

Gaga has reportedly been banned from the sluggers' clubhouse due to reportedly tawdry behavior she exhibited at the Yankees-Mets game Friday night. 

If this story sounds familiar, you're right. The superstar singer made headlines just last week for causing a scene in the stands after she was seated in the front row of a Mets game. 

So, what was Gaga up to this time?   

After flipping off photographers and commandeering Jerry Seinfeld's VIP box at last Friday's game, the "Alejandro" crooner surfaced again and put on yet another show. 

In her classic statement-making fashion, Gaga waltzed into the stadium sporting a half-unbuttoned Yankees Jersey, fishnets and black panties to cheer on the team. 

But that wasn't all.

The 24-year-old notoriously pants-less singer was reportedly swigging whiskey, groping her chest, and hanging out in the team's clubhouse without approval, according to the New York Post.

Yankees co-owner Hal Steinbrenner was none too pleased, and purportedly told Yankee Stadium execs to permanently ban the scantily-clad diva from the team's clubhouse. 

Talk about a bad romance for this baseball-loving star.

(Originally published June 20, 2010 at 12:51 p.m. PT)


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