Is Lindsay Lohan's Tea Partying Sabotaging Her SCRAM?

Lilo's favorite non-alcoholic beverage of choice might actually contain more alcohol than it claims, according to reports

By Brandi Fowler and Marcus Mulick Jun 20, 2010 4:43 PMTags
Lindsay LohanJason Merritt/Getty Images

Rocking a SCRAM bracelet hasn't exactly been Lindsay Lohan's cup of tea. But, according to reports, her recent run-in with the law could have been due to her love for that particular beverage. 

The 23-year-old embattled starlet has been spotted around town with bottles of Kombucha tea, which the company claims contains only a trace of alcohol (less than .5 percent). But recently, Lilo's drink of choice was pulled from shelves at Whole Foods. 

Why, you may ask? 

Lohan's beloved beverage is now suspected of having more alcohol in it than its label states, according to X17online.com. Since the law requires that any beverage with more than .5 percent alcohol content come with a government warning, the exact amount of alcohol is being investigated.

But, could guzzling bottles of Kombucha really have set off Lohan's SCRAM the night of the MTV Awards, raising her blood-alcohol level to a reported .03-.04

Kombucha's head honcho says no way.

"Although we are not familiar with the technology or sensitivity of SCRAM bracelets, we think it would be highly unlikely that our products would trigger an alarm, " G.T. Dave, president and CEO of GTs Kombucha, told E! News. 

"After conversations with Whole Foods we share a concern around potential labeling issues related to slightly elevated levels in some Kombucha products," GT said. "In order to ensure regulatory compliance, we are supporting Whole Foods Market with the temporary removal of all Kombucha products in bottles on tap from their stores at this time."

Even if the levels of alcohol are slightly elevated, however, chances are Lilo would have to down way more than one or two bottles of this tea to raise her levels high enough to set off her SCRAM.

But, it might be a possibility if she guzzles bottle after bottle...after bottle.

In comparison, beers typically have 3-6 percent alcohol content. If Kombucha has more than .5 percent alcohol content, it's plausible to think that drinking enough of the tea may set off a SCRAM device. 

But somehow, we still don't think Judge Marsha Revel will buy it as an excuse.


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