Alexander Skarsgard, True Blood, Jake Gyllenhaal, Prince of Persia

John P. Johnson / HBO; Andrew Cooper/Disney Enterprises

This is a public service announcement to our vampire crush Alexander Skarsgård, who has been steaming us up on True Blood ever since we saw his first bloody wowza. But coming off the news that Skars has signed on to the new sci-fi action flick Battleship, we're kind of worried.

Here's why:

You see, Skars is a good enough actor, and he's all sorts of pretty. But we're just nervous that, should Battleship not deliver, people will write him off just as they do to other stars when their big solo action debuts don't go over so well. Know who we're thinking of?

Our darling Jake Gyllenhaal was the handsome, quasi-edgy dude-next-door for a longest time, but it was only when he started listening to the wrong people and taking the wrong roles that he got a bad rap. Remember Jarhead? Brokeback? He was great! But Prince of Persia flopped (even though Team Awful member Marc Snetiker loved it) and now Jake's got to work a little harder to get back into the public's adoring eyes.

Call it post-action-figure recovery.

We're just hoping that what befell poor Jake won't happen to Alex in Battleship, that's all. Of course, there is one thing hunky Alex could do to make us completely forget whatever plot Battleship does, or does not, deliver: start up some hot-ass rumors with co-star Taylor Kitsch!

I mean, working it once the cameras stop is exactly how the guy who says he's not at all afraid of pushing the same-sex envelope (on camera, at least) met Kate Bosworth, right? On a movie set?


Sometimes the behind-the-scene stuff's better, anyway. Oh, who am I kidding here? Almost always is.


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