American Idol Tour Promises "One of the Most Special Things on Earth"

American Idol tour kicks off this summer, and we have all the scoop!

By Jenna Mullins Jun 17, 2010 9:30 PMTags
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First comes try-outs, then a winner, and now? The tour!

The Top Ten American Idols are coming to your city this summer, unless you live in Glocester, Rhode Island. Sorry. But for the rest of you Idol lovers, the top ten have something to say to you...

Thank you.

We got to talking with the ladies and gents of American Idol's Top Ten glory while they were rehearsing for the tour, and most of them agreed that the one thing they are most excited for (besides fighting over bunks on the bus) is seeing the fans.

"It's hard to thank them all, so this is a good opportunity for that. I'm excited to thank them for putting me in this position, and for even allowing me to go on tour. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't be here," the adorable Katie Stevens tells us.

Sibohan Magnus and Big Mike Lynche echo similar sentiments. "Live performances are a world's difference than watching it on TV," she says, while Mike adds that "the energy and relationship with your audience live is one of the most special things on earth."

More special than Lee DeWyze and Andrew Garcia's bromance? Psh. We doubt that. They even finish each other sentences when we asked what they were looking forward to on tour!

Andrew: "Tour is going to be amazing because..."

Lee: "...we get to say thank you to all the fans that have supported us. We really appreciate everything they've done."

Andrew: "We really appreciate the fans for letting us live our dreams."

How cute are they? The conversation quickly turned sour when we inquired about how the bus situation was going to work out. "I get my own limo behind the bus," Lee jokes before quickly looking crestfallen at Andrew. "Could you imagine that? Wouldn't that suck?" His bud nods and says, "I'd miss you like crazy."

Don't those two just melt your heart?

Lee will be flying in and out of Los Angeles while on tour to finish his album, which he says is going to be "really great." But he's not the only one working on an album. Casey James recently had meetings in Nashville, so perhaps he is going the country route?

"It's not going to be traditional country, but it will be marketed in that way," he spills to us. Katie and Tim Urban also have plans to write songs for their albums on the road, but their first priority is putting on a rocking show for fans.

"The group numbers are going to be bomb. The harmonies are sick!" Tim exclaimed. We got to hear the Top Ten singing "My Life Would Suck Without You" while we were there, and we can say that the harmonies are indeed "sick", as the kids are saying these days. "The group number we're going to be doing after the first act is going to be really good, too," Tim continues. "I'm singing some harmonies I never imagined I'd be doing. So, we're really excited about the group numbers for once!"

Sorry, AI devotees. No cheesy lip synching group numbers for you on tour. Something tells us you won't be too bummed about that. Are you looking forward to the American Idol tour? It starts July 1 in Detroit, so get your tickets soon!

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