Blind Vice

Me-Me Dallas starred in her own Blind Vice a few weeks ago, so it's only right we dish on Tobey Yum-Yum's deliciously scandalous escapades too, dontcha think?

Remember, M and T had a spicy romance there for a while, but like all Hollywood power couples, they parted ways and decided it was time to bed other good lookers in the Biz (in Me-Me's case, that meant smooching on some ladies).

But don't think Tobey's trailer has been quiet since Me-Me fled the scene...

Sources who happen to travel around with Yum-Yum on his various filming locations say that after Ms. Dallas moved on, he was quick to seduce another famous, "innocent" babe. Let's call her Darla Jones, a gal who's known for her virginity as much as her impressive smile and perky hair.

See, it didn't take long for Tobey to convince Darla, a gal who appears to be even sweeter than Me-Me, to hop in the sack with him. So sad, this circle of friends. They literally all screw each other and then screw each other over. Where do they learn this scheming so young?

"[Tobey] sleeps with everyone...then breaks their heart," is how our witness to the behind-the-scenes romping puts it.

Kind of the case with poor Darla, who was only on Tobey's radar so briefly, the press barely caught wind of their seemingly virginal romance. Despite how hurt D.J. was, she could never bash Yum-Yum for pulling one over on her because that little bitchfest would blow her cover as the purest of ‘em all.

You know what, Tobey? You're cute, young and talented, we get it. At your age, people who aren't even in the business are doing much worse things, trust.

Just watch your back, babe, ‘cause one of these times you're gonna mess around with the wrong lady, and she'll have no problem telling the media exactly what your cute ass is all about.

And it Ain't: Robert Pattinson, Mark Salling, Ian Somerhalder

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Photos: Blind Vice Superstars!

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