Laurie David-Al Gore Rumor: Is It Globally Warming or Just a Blast of Hot Air?

Evidence in the case of the environmentalists allegedly in love is mounting, but in which direction?

By Joal Ryan Jun 17, 2010 1:30 PMTags
Tipper Gore, Al Gore, Larry David, Laurie DavidMike Guastella/

Laurie David's denied it. A source close to Al Gore's denied it. But it is one rumor that's undeniably still hot.

But is a good story—be still our green hearts, environmentalists in love!—getting in the way of the latest evidence?

Looks like.

A day after Star magazine reported that our lovably unhip former vice president, 62, had been carrying on a two-year affair with 52-year-old eco-activist David, his An Inconvenient Truth producer, David's contractor told the New York Post the affair story was "ludicious" and "completely ridiculous." 

"I know for a fact that Laurie hasn't seen Al Gore for at least two years—at least," Bart Thorpe was quoted as saying.

The reason we should care what Laurie David's contractor has to say is because he's the guy Laurie David was rumored to have taken up with around the time of her 2007 split with Larry David, the Seinfeld/Curb Your Enthusiasm curmudgeon. And, notably, Laurie David, as far we know, wasn't sufficiently inspired to deny those reports. 

And for what it's worth, the Star's supermarket rival the National Enquirer reported that Gore's wife, Tipper, was suspicious of her husband and a certain cadre of ladies—not one of whom fit David's description. Also, an unnamed insider told the tab, "there's never been proof that Al had affairs."

Case closed? We're betting not. Al and Tipper Gore announced June 1 that they were splitting after 40 years of scandal-free marriage. That apparently makes them eligible for 40 years of scandal-laden post-marrage.