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We told you Jennifer Garner is a babe who doesn't like to be messed with, and now she is using her substantial powers totally for good.

Garner is threatening to take action on any photographer who dares to take photos of her while picking up her daughter Violet at her preschool in Santa Monica. By action, we of course mean legal action. You go, girl!

But can Jen actually do that?

You bet. On Jan 1, 2010, a new law went into effect that limits photographers from illegally or offensively taking pictures of celebrities. The law is the first that holds agencies and media outlets also responsible for using improperly obtained photographs as well, and we're told that several other agencies received Garner's stay-the-hell-away-or-else message.

The agencies were told that Garner is "unhappy on how close photographers are getting to her and her family in general, not only at Violet's school."

They were then notified that Jen would prefer to be shot with a longer lens and to "not flash her." Agencies were also told that once the photographs at the school stopped, that Garner will "warm up to the photographers again."

Some of the agencies contacted are taking no chances and have told their staff that if they photograph Garner near Violet's school, they will not even consider selling the photos.

We told you J.G. was a crafty girl. Totally smart play on her end.

See, celebs want an OK relationship with the paparazzi—not in an over-the-top way à la Paris Hilton who reportedly has paps on speed dial. But real celebs need to know how to play nice with certain shutterbugs so they will then show some respect on their end when requested. You following?

Garner's rep has not replied to E!'s request for comment.

—Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder

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