Would You Do...Britney, All Sneaky and G-Rated?

Spears ditches the red carpet at the Toy Story 3 premiere

By Ted Casablanca Jun 14, 2010 9:25 PMTags
Britney SpearsEric Charbonneau/WireImage.com

On Saturday, we first reported that Britney Spears would make one of her now-rare appearances at the premiere of Toy Story 3. This sparked a "will she or won't she?" debate that lasted long after the last of the red carpet arrivals disappeared into Hollywood's El Capitan Theatre to watch the flick.

So did the momma and her two kiddos skip the G-rated event? Heck no! So we gotta ask, don't you just love this new covert Brit?

We sure do!

Brit-Brit was at the kid bash with sons Sean Preston and Jayden James—as reported by those within the screening—yet none of the press or always-present paparazzi spotted the babe.

Instead, the oh-so-secretive Spears snuck into the theatre, skipping the waiting photogs.

For someone who every moment of her tabloid-cover breakdown documented, it's refreshing to see Spears lay low, choosing to fulfill her celeb commitment by snapping some pictures with the film's most famous folks—Woody and Buzz, obviously—inside the event.

And she didn't even force her kiddos to face the flash bulbs, but smiled solo. Kuddos for putting mommy duty first, babe.

As for the dress those stylists were so worried Brit couldn't pull off?

Friggin' fab! The blonde babe looked the best we've seen her in a long time in the cute (yet fairly conservative) mini and accompanying pumps. Hey, has Spears found the next inner fierce fashionista within herself, i.e, young sexy mom? Instead of desperate teen not wanting to grow up?

It certainly appears so.


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