In case you were too busy wondering when Kevin Costner was going to use his acting super powers to fix the BP oil spill this week and somehow avoided the Soup blog, now's your chance to recapture the best of what you missed.

Kate Gosselin The lovable supermom has starred in multiple TV shows about herself, penned a book about herself and at any given moment talks about nothing but herself. No wonder she's miffed when her hair gets all the attention.

More topical hilarity is a mere mouse click away…

Nigel Lythgoe: Like so many stiff-jawed talent-competition-judging Brits, the So You Think You Can Dance tastemaker is apparently here to teach us Yanks a lesson, and he minces no words in trashing broken hopefuls who thought they could dance.


Joy Behar No subject matter is too intimate to repurpose as a daring knee slapper for The View's resident Bette Midler impersonator, and that includes her pap smear. Makes you wonder how her gynocologist keeps a straight face.

Dance Your A** Off's Matt: The anguish of possessing a fat ass is a sad fact for so many Americans. But on Dance Your A** Off we meet a chubby young man whose childhood friends suffered from something that no amount of boogying down can remove: hideously blurred faces.

Glenn Beck: If it weren't for brave Mr. B, we may never have known that the biggest threat to American freedom was a casino in Reno. Come on, people. Every time you play that nickle slot it's like letting the terrorists win.

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