Angie's Perfect as Cleopatra—for the Wrong Reasons

Angelina Jolie is up for the Egyptian queen

By Ted Casablanca Jun 11, 2010 1:04 AMTags
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When you think of Cleopatra, you probably imagine a drop dead gorgeous gal with flashy fab garments and a snake posed ever so seductively across her shoulders.

Or was that Britney Spears?

Either way, the babe was a historical bombshell, obviously. So no surprise USA Today is reporting that Angelina Jolie is the numero uno prospect to play the late, great queen of Egypt. So perfect, right?

Wrong—well, partly. We still support Ange for the role, but not for the obvious reason.

Because not only will a simple Google search reveal Cleopatra wasn't a babe, but, even the great Elizabeth Taylor—who donned Cleo's infamous headdress in the 1963 adaptation of the queen of the Nile's life—discovered in her research (and later dished to us) that Cleopatra was "a really homely woman."

Liz Taylor always got a kick out of it, and so do we.

"Physically, she's the perfect look," the author, Stacy Schiff, on whose book the newest flick is based, commented on Jolie.

Ouch…but we couldn't agree more!

Sure, Ange, at one time, was practically a T-town goddess but, then again, Brad Pitt was also one of People's sexiest men. Now the two are looking worse by the day.

Hey, maybe we're wrong about trouble in paradise and Angie was just getting ready for this role all along!

Or who knows: Maybe she'll try to get her glam back and go the Jake Gyllenhaal—à la Prince of Persia—route and slap on a spray tan?

Cross your fingers for the former, babes—first up, Cleopatra, then on to the Susan Boyle biopic!

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Photos: Fashion Spotlight: Angelina Jolie.