Lady Gaga Flips Off Photogs at Mets Game

Gaga does not want her photograph taken, which is why she showed up late to a Mets game in a bra and sat behind the dugout!

By Jennifer Cady Jun 10, 2010 10:20 PMTags
Lady GagaNick Laham/Getty Images

So Lady Gaga decided to check out the Mets game today in her native New York City. That's cool. Famous people go to sporting events all the time, and as these take place in public the stars usually get photographed. It's part of the deal of getting to sit courtside or right behind the dugout.

Well, Gaga doesn't roll like that, apparently. So when she showed up at the game in her "Telephone" costume, she took issue with people photographing her and had to be moved to a luxury suite where she continued to flip off the photogs.

Flipping people off must just be the theme of the day, which is definitely better than previous days' themes of "upstage my little sister's graduation" and "go suck a rosary."

But even so, we gotta say that  Kristen Stewart still wins for best paparazzi flip off.


Enough of Gaga, let's just talk about vampires: Edward Culen's so pretty!