Five Glee Finale Secrets: That Will and Emma Kiss Wasn't Scripted!

Producers and star Jane Lynch spill in the aftermath of the show's awesome season-ender

By Kristin Dos Santos Jun 09, 2010 11:09 PMTags
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Think you're ready to say good-bye to season one of Glee? Not so fast! I caught up with the über-talented producer who wrote—and directed—last night's epic season finale, Brad Falchuk, along with Jane Lynch (Sue!) and executive producer Dante Di Loreto and they spilled five secrets you fans have to know:

"The Will/Emma Kiss Wasn't Scripted": Can you stand it? So says Falchuk, and since he wrote and directed last night's episode, he probably knows. So how did that awesome lip-lock go down? "I didn't tell Jayma it was coming," Brad explains. "We shot all of Matt's coverage first, and a master, and then when we got to her coverage, I pulled him aside and told him to kiss her.  Her reaction is totally real." And made for some incredible TV, no?

The Tears Were Real: "Just so you know," Brad tells me, "no one needed any help crying. They all did it on their own without the use of tear enhancers. Those kids are all obnoxiously talented." Funny, isn't it Emmy voting time right now or something? You listening to all this TV Academy? Speaking of…

Jane Lynch Wants to Shout From the Rooftops That the Writers Deserve an Emmy! If you saw that unbelievable final scene with Sue and Will last night in the choir room, which was penned by executive producer Ian Brennan and which was some of the best comedy dialogue anywhere on television all season long, you'll know precisely why Jane tells us: "The writers are fantastic. I think they should be put on a mountaintop and given as many lovers as they want."

Jonathan Groff and Idina Menzel May Return: They're still figuring out the plan for season two, but according to Di Loreto, Jonathan "did a great job. He's the nicest guy in the world. He came out on the tour with us and the audience loved him. I sure hope he gets a chance to come back on." As for Idina? "I hope there's an opportunity for her to be back. I think she's a really interesting character."

Sue Sylvester Isn't Gonna Go All Goody-Goody on Us: Despite saving the day in last night's episode and giving New Directions another year, Jane says she expects to bring the same unabashed, gasp-worthy wrongness to her role next season. "Still," she adds, "we know she's got a heart underneath it and that makes it easier for us to take all the terrible things she says and does. We know she's human and that makes her character lovable." True dat.

And one more bonus secret that just got out: Glee is hitting Comic-Con in San Diego next month. Let the angels sing! Or actually, here's hoping it's those scrappy kids from New Directions. I will be there. You?

—Additional reporting by Lisa Abdolian

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