Lindsay Lohan

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At least in prison, Lindsay Lohan wouldn't have to worry about not having anything to wear.

Plus, those trendy orange jumpsuits would look great with that mysterious flashing red light, you know, the one that's put La Lohan back in seriously hot water.

We're hearing from a very fashion-forward insider that LiLo hasn't exactly had the best luck lately when it comes to getting designers to lend their clothes to flaunt on the red carpet—one company even put a ban on the broad.

Then how the heck did LL end up wearing their blinged-out jumpsuit to Sunday's MTV Movie Awards?

"They would never let her wear it. Designers don't want her to be seen in their clothes," our stylish spy dishes upon discovering Lohan donning the flashy frock.

Seems at least a few companies will let the one-time designer darling purchase clothing, jewelry, etc. but refuse to gift her goodies or let her borrow clothes.

And that, my friends, is a fate far worse than a fashionable SCRAM accessory or relaxing stint in the big house—at least as far as L.L. is concerned.

Our super-chic source tells us the outfit wasn't checked out for Linds, but for a star with way more designer cred: Katy Perry. Somehow though K.P. wasn't the one who ended up wearing it and Linds was able to snatch it from her.

Too bad—maybe if Linds hadn't landed an outfit she might have stayed home that night instead of hitting up Perry's after-party at Las Palmas where her SCRAM bracelet was going bonkers.

"Everyone at the party saw the flashing light," an eyewitness again dishes to us. "People actually started laughing about it. No one knew exactly what it meant, but no one was surprised, she looked like a mess. Once the flashing started going off Lohan looked panicked and ran straight to the bathroom."

Of course, if you're living in crazy Lohanland it was only flashing red because her friend put a red bracelet in her boot. But that excuse isn't flying with Judge Revel, or the folks who read the SCRAM reports.

A spokesperson for the device told E! their confirmation process includes an evaluation that "ensures" there is no chance that an alcohol alert is anything but consumed alcohol.

Sorry Linds, but we're over reading your tweets for clarification on these dicey matters. From now on we're going straight to the source: Lohan's SCRAM.

Seriously, how is her ass not in jail already?!

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