Adrien Brody

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Sandra Bullock's unannounced appearance at Saturday's Spike TV Guy's Choice Awards wasn't the night's only shocker: The usually press-shy Adrien Brody spent more time moseying down the press line than any other celeb.

And while we were dying to ask him about those Paris Hilton rumors, Brody made it clear that he wouldn't be gabbing about any H'wood gals as "it would get him in trouble." So guess we'll stick to flicks, huh?

We couldn't help but notice that between Splice and Predator, A.B. has gone totally sci-fi. Is the stud bringing sexy back to science fiction?

"I'm gonna try," the guy laughed. "It wasn't the goal necessarily, but it was exciting to find movies like that and have an opportunity to bring some depth to something like Predator for instance."

Sex appeal and acting chops? Don't mind if we do, Adrien.

But really, how does an Oscar fave end up an action-packed alien reboot?

"Well, it's not just to simply mix it up, but to try and keep the process fresh for myself," Adrien explains, getting serious.

"But, you know, as long as the process is fresh for me, it's nice to work in a different fashion with different types of creative environments. Each one of these is a different vibe, so when you're working on a movie that's a hard-core action movie that's a very specific thing.

"And then I work very hard to bring the same kind of discipline as I would in a film like The Pianist to something like that, but at the same time, have fun with it."

Hear that, Oscar voters? Get ready for Predator to snatch Best Picture at the 2011 ceremony. Eat your heart out, James Cameron.

Our fave revelation from Adrien's tour de red carpet was when we asked him about researching his character, drug-dealing Psycho Ed, for the weed-happy comedy High School:

"A lifetime of research."

You don't say.

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