Tater Top Awards 2010: Get Your Nominations in Now!

TV fans get to weigh in on the best and worst of the TV season

By Kristin Dos Santos Jun 15, 2010 11:40 PMTags
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Now that the 2009-10 TV season is over, there's only one thing missing in your life, right?

Those Golden Taters!

Yes, it is time for E! Online's annual Tater Top Awards—the only awards decided solely by you, the die-hard TV fans (the couch potatoes). Here's what you need to know:

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You need to get your nominations in, stat. The voting won't start for another week or two, but we are compiling the final list of nominees right now.

As you longtime fans know, the Tater Top Awards are your one chance to override those silly Emmys, Golden Globes, etc, and give some trophy love to the TV shows and stars you love. And yes, they do get actual, bon afide trophies! And trust me, the recipients are truly honored to know how many of you fans care.

(You'll also get to vent/mourn a little, as you can see below.)

Here are the categories we plan to include in the 2010 Tater Top Awards:

  1. Breakout Star
  2. Breakout Show
  3. Best Couple 
  4. Oddest Couple
  5. Godforsaken Love Triangle You're Totally Over
  6. Best Shocker 
  7. Moment That Made You Want to Throw Out Your TV 
  8. Favorite Funnyguy 
  9. Favorite Funnygirl 
  10. Drama Mama 
  11. Drama King 
  12. Best Fight 
  13. Best Kiss 
  14. Best Baddie 
  15. Best Bitch 
  16. Show You'll Miss the Most 
  17. Star You'll Miss the Most 
  18. Steamiest Moment 
  19. Biggest Tearjerker 
  20. Most Heartbreaking Cancellation
  21. Show You Cannot Believe Is Still On the Air
  22. New Fall Show You're Most Excited About
  23. Guiltiest Pleasure
  24. Best Guest Star 
  25. Best Reality Star
  26. Best Reality Show
  27. Best Line in a Comedy 
  28. Best Line in a Drama 
  29. Best Comedy 
  30. Best Drama

    Got any ideas? Anyone you want to make sure makes the cut?! Send any and all suggestions to tvdiva@eonline.com, or demonstrate your Twitter savvy by replying your brilliant ideas to @KristinDSantos.

    Official voting for your 2010 Tater Tops finalists begins Monday, June 28, so don't go too far and check back often.

        You can also place your nominations in the comments below!


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