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Yesterday, the ladies of the newest Sandler flick, Grown Ups, did some dishing on one of the movie's main themes—getting their kids to play outside in nature as opposed to vegging in front of the TV and video games.

Maya Rudolph (who plays opposite Chris Rock) encourages her kids to take advantage of the good California weather. Salma Hayek (who stars opposite Adam Sandler) takes little Valentina to her country house in France on the weekends. And Maria Bello?

"We go to the Jersey Shore. For real. With Snooki," Bello laughed, continuing, "Oh I know Snooki. Everbody knows Snooki."

Bello, who plays Kevin James' wife in Grown Ups, likes to get back to her Philadelphia roots with summers on the Jersey Shore. In fact, she was just there last weekend.

"My family has a beach house there. And I love to see my son Jackson running around with his 20 cousins barefoot, riding his bike all over the place and eating cheese steaks and going to the boardwalk," Bello said. "And sorta having this real-life experience—East Coast, Philly life experience that I really enjoyed growing up with, and really shaped who I am."

We have to admit, it does sound fun. But beware those juiced-up guidos. They're just itching for a fight.

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