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Whether it's via Twitter, Facebook, email or comments, you chatty gals 'n' guys love to gab about the hottest goss. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

But with so much technology (and hundreds of @replies), we occasionally enjoy an old school poll—or four. One click and you're voice is heard, right?

And lucky for you we're hear to round up the results, on all matters including not-so-Gleeful Lea Michele, the Justin Bieber-JoBros battle, Sandra Bullock swapping some girlie celeb spit and Alexander Skarsgård and Ryan Kwanten's ab-off!

Here's what you had to say:

1. Lea's a diva—and a phony.

When we finally aired Pat Poisonpuss' Vicey laundry, none of you were too surprised—maybe because Lea was making no secret of her nasty 'tude. But when she suddenly issued a super sweet Twitter apology, we wondered: Was it the real deal or was she trying to save face?

Nearly 60 percent of you agreed that Lea picked a very convenient time to apologize, and the babe probably just didn't want to tarnish her Gleeful reputation. But in the comments, Lea got your support, with many of you saying it was probably a joke that was blown out of proportion ("I think this is all much ado about nothing. She made a mistake. She apologized.").

And at least one commenter, Gabs, didn't think Lea even needed to apologize. "She can be a diva if she wants, listen to that voice." Very Mariah thinking there, G.

2. Bieber, who? You totally heart the JoBros.

When the Jonas Brothers returned to the scene in a very big way we wondered who was the bigger tween dream boat: Biebs or the brothers Jonas. And almost three fourths of yo made it very clear that Nick, Joe, and Kevin were it—hey, we even gave you the option to pick both sets of crooners and only 10 percent chose it!

And the JoBro fans didn't hold back: "Beaver is no competition for the Jonas Brothers...they're not even in the same league," one commenter bitched while another said "It's the people like Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato that get kicked off the charts but the Jonas Brothers will always be on the top."

But a few still didn't get the craze: "What makes tween/teens go so crazy, and obsessive over these people!?" Hey, doll, if you can't figure it out yourself we can't help you.

3. Sandy should swap spit with K.Stew!

After her lip-lock with Meryl Streep, we wondered who Sandy could possibly smooch at the MTV Music Awards. And of course the K.Stew fans came out in full force to pick our fave gal to get a bit of action from the H'wood A-lister.

Almost half of you choose Kristen Stewart as the kissee of choice, leaving Cam Diaz and Katy Perry in the dust. Maybe because, as one commenter pointed out, K.S. and S.B. have history: "Sandy and Kristen shared a big hug when R/K won Best Kiss last year. How can anyone forget how cute that was?" So it's time for the next step, huh?

But a different name was sweeping up the votes in the comments section: Betty White, of course. We're fairly certain she'd be down for the lip lock, too! Scary yum!

4. A.Skars is the bod to beat on True Blood.

It pains us to ever make you choose, but we were dying to know which of True Blood's main hunks you preferred au natural—what with A.Skars showing off his tasty toosh for Season 3. It was close, but Alexander was the dude of choice over fellow nudist Ryan Kwanten.

A little over half of you chose A.Skars and his bulky muscles over Kwanten's chiseled physique. Even in the comments, both guys had you going crazy: "I'm all about the Viking," one dished while another protested, "Ryan Kwanten does the sticky and steamy thing rather well!"

Guess we'll have to agree with the anon who said, "I wouldn't kick either of them out of my bed." We wouldn't either, trust.

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