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Maybe if David Carradine had "sufficient assistance" in Bangkok, he wouldn't now be dead.

At least that's what the actor's widow, Anne Carradine, stipulates in a wrongful-death lawsuit filed Thursday against the production company behind the film her husband was shooting in Thailand when he was found dead in his Bangkok hotel room.

More specifically, he was found hanging naked in the closet, a rope tied around his neck and genitals. Cause of death was asphyxiation by hanging that was not a suicide, as determined by Thai medical officials and a forensics expert hired by the Carradine family, who also performed a second autopsy.

Anne Carradine's lawsuit does not detail the way in which the 72-year-old Kill Bill star died, only stating that the loss of her "faithful and dutiful husband...will continue to cause great and severe damages" to the plaintiff.

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She alleges that French production company MS2 S.A. broke its contractual obligation to Carradine to provide him with "all the best amenities" and "sufficient assistance" while he was in Bangkok shooting Stretch.

MS2 S.A. also, according to Anne's camp, tried to collect insurance money that was owed to Carradine's family.

She's seeking unspecified damages for breach of contract and wrongful death—negligence.

A rep for MS2 S.A. hasn't yet been reached for comment.

Since Carradine's death last June, Thai authorities have never released any further information about their investigation into his rather shocking demise.

UPDATE: Court records filed Aug. 15, 2011, show that Anne Caradine reached a conditional settlement with MS2 S.A.

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