Who's Ready for Sex and the City: The Teen Years?

Source tells us novel about Carrie Bradshaw's high school life could be headed for the big screen

By Marc Malkin Jun 03, 2010 12:15 AMTags
Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex in the City 2Craig Blankenhorn/ New Line

Imagine Carrie Bradshaw with pimples. How about with braces? Or losing her virginity!

The second Sex and the City movie hasn't even been out for a week yet, but get this…

Talks have already begun about adapting Candace Bushnell's latest tome The Carrie Diaries for the big screen, according to a source. The 400-page young adult novel centers on Carrie's high school years in Connecticut.

I'm told execs at New Line, the studio behind the SATC movies, are more interested in a Diaries movie than a television series.

Sure, the SATC sequel didn't open as big as the first flick did, but whatever. Studio execs aren't about to let go of the Carrie franchise anytime soon because the sequel has already made "$90 million worldwide," our source said. "People are still having fun with it. Of course they want the teen years."

In fact, Bushnell told MTV News recently that she's already at work on the second Diaries book about the teen queen fashionista's first summer in New York City.

Bushnell insisted at last week's SATC 2 premiere in New York that she wasn't aware of any movie talks. "We don't have any," she said.

Back in September 2008, Bushnell told us she wouldn't mind Miley Cyrus as Carrie. "I think she's adorable," she said.

Cyrus, who makes a cameo as herself in the new flick, reportedly told BBC radio the other day, "I would totally do it. It would be so cool." However, unless The Carrie Diaries starts shooting like today, the now 17-year-old Cyrus may be a bit too old for the role when the project does get the greenlight.

As for Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha? No need to cast them because they appear to be post-high school friends because they are not in the book.

Who do you think should play Carrie as a teenager? Miley? How about Emma Roberts? Miranda Cosgrove? Leave your comments below.