Mandy Moore

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Can Mandy Moore get some cartoon animals to accompany her when she's out on the town? Cause the babe is so friggin sweet it's like she came out of a Disney fairy tale!

M2 was spotted over the weekend at Joan's on Third in Los Angeles, and her fellow diners had nothing but nice things to gab about the chick:

"She was super friendly to the other people waiting in line," another afternoon eater dished.

Our spy tells us Mandy seemed to think she accidentally cut someone else in line and so she let that person—as well as a couple others, just to be safe—order ahead of her.

"And she looked so cute!"

Mandy was dressed down in a chic casual outfit and "fabulous" Proenza Schouler PS1 bag. The multi-talent minx didn't dine-in though, but grabbed some grub to go from the posh joint.

Creating smiles elsewhere in Los Angeles...

Dane Cook was also the subject of much polite chatter—though not for his 'tude.

D.C. went running solo in Runyon Canyon Sunday afternoon and other hikers were left picking their jaws off the ground because of how mucho hot the funny man looked.

Come again? Sure, Dane ain't ugly by any means, but he's no Sam Worthington, that's for sure.

To each their own, we guess. Sweating over in Sin City, Dancing stars...

Cheryl Burke and Mark Ballas hit up Tao Beach over the long weekend to celebrate Cheryl's birthday. Burke turned 26 earlier this month but had to postpone her celebration 'cause of DWTS.

Cheryl donned a teeny light blue bikini, showing off an uber toned bod while Mark bared his pecs to the pool partying crowd. Still, don't think the stud and studette are all work and no play.

The dancing duo totally enjoyed Cheryl's birthday cake which was modeled after the trophy from the show. They also snacked on some sushi and cocktails before dancing off those carbs by the pool later in the afternoon. Cheryl later got on the mic at the DJ booth and thanked the crowd for celebrating the big 2-6.

Congrats, babe!

Additional Reporting by Kate Alper and Taryn Ryder

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