What the Heck Happened to That "Mind-Blowing" 90210 Finale?!

Show source explains why the season-ender was—dare we say it?!—lackluster

By Megan Masters Jun 01, 2010 10:35 PMTags
Shenae Grimes, 90210Michael Desmond/The CW

OK, it's not like our expectations were Lost-finale high, but after 90210's Shenae Grimes, AnnaLynne McCord and Trevor Donovan promised us a "crazy" season-ender with loads of cliffhangers, we expected some juicy stuff—none of which really transpired!

So what gives? We were purposely mislead? Not so, says our source. Here's what happened to the 90210 finale that never was...

What Went Missing: Ummm, how about the whole "who really ran over that homeless guy" storyline?! Back in March, Trevor told us the season two finale would answer the question left open from season one's final ep. "In one of the last scenes of the finale, you find out who actually hit the homeless guy," he teased. "I can guarantee it comes out of left field."

But come finale night, the only thing remotely left fieldish was the complete exclusion of said reveal. How do you explain that one, CW?!

According to our reliable 90210 source, some story changes were made post-production (and post-press tour in Trevor's case), and the rumored "real" killer twist was canned. In the end, Annie made peace with her crime, largely due to an encouraging chat with Liam (Matt Lanter), and solemnly wandered home to confess everything to the 'rents.

And that's it. If you're hoping to see more of Annie's hit-and-run issues in season three, don't. The Powers that Be are leaving the story as is from here on out?Annie was in fact the drunk driving guilty party.

Bright side? Now that she's got that monkey off her back, maybe we'll get to see a fun and carefree Annie, again.

Jordin Althaus/The CW

What Actually Happened: Annalynne and Shenae both promised "the worst thing in the world" would fall on Naomi's shoulders, and lo and behold, the poor girl was seemingly raped by the creepy teacher she falsely accused of sexual harassment earlier in the season. So...there's that.

Side note: not that we need lots of gory details, but the whole scene was pretty tame for what we were advised to prep for.

What About Rob Estes?! Principal Wilson is officially out of the hiz-ouse. For those 90210ers awaiting a proper sendoff for the family patriarch, we have some bad news—there was never a big to-do planned for Rob's final days on the show, and we won't see him again.

Let's start guessing now: who will replace West Bev's sexy principal in the new season? And how will the premiere explain Harry's sudden absence? Time will tell.

Now it's your turn to sound off. Did the finale satisfy, or did the story swaps fail to provide the much-hyped season-ender?

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