Why Would a Hottie Like Kim Kardashian Get Botox?

One-fifth of celebs in their 20s get Botox, and here's some dish on a few who have, and why they did

By Leslie Gornstein May 31, 2010 3:15 PMTags
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Why would a famous woman in her 20s, like Kim Kardashian, ever do Botox?
—James, Virginia, via the Answer B!tch inbox

She's not alone, kid. Among twentysomething female celebrities, roughly 10 percent to 20 percent of them have had Botox done, according to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria. And he would know.

Care for a few blind items to that effect? Oh, of course you would:

First, let's answer your question, which is why.

"Some celebrities—especially the blond, blue-eyed girls who squint in the sun—they tend to develop those frown lines a little earlier," Calabria tells me. "As soon as they see that, they panic, they get the Botox."

That's right; most of the Botox you see among twentysomethings these days does not involve the lips, but rather premature laugh lines or preventative Botox—just in case the girl develops laugh lines in the future.

Twentysomething women also tend to get Botox on one other area: the brows.

Which brings us to our blind items. Even I don't know who these gals are—doctor-patient privilege and all that—so I'll have fun guessing along with the rest of you.

"Sometimes Botox is used instead of surgery to adjust brow height," Calabria explains. "I just had a celebrity in the office. She's 24, and her brow was sort of in the low position, and she wanted it a little higher. Instead of surgical procedure, which I thought would be too drastic for someone her age, we can use Botox instead and avoid surgery."

A second female star recently saw Dr. Calabria for a different kind of brow ailment. Can you think of a twentysomething female celebrity who has one eyebrow higher than the other? If so, you may just figure out who the good doctor is talking about.

"We corrected her brow asymmetry with Botox," Calabria explains. "Again, without her having to go through an operation."

For the record, Kardashian did say she got her Botox around her eyes—which may or may not mean her brows. Then again, Kardashian does seem to have pretty amazing proportions—the last person on Earth who would suffer from asymmetry.