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It's probably safe to say this week marks another low point in Mindy McCready's life. Her mother's sudden penchant for the spotlight, whether what she's been peddling is true or not, isn't helping matters. Neither is the legal system.

A judge has denied a motion filed by McCready's lawyer to issue an emergency gag order against oversharing mother Gayle Inge, as well as a request to transfer guardianship of son Zander from Inge to Mindy's father, Tim. Her parents, who are divorced, both reside in Florida.

"The reason we were requesting a gag order against Gayle Inge is really obvious," attorney James Moon told E! News. "I think she's given five or six stories now. First, it's an overdose, then it's a suicide, then she's retracting those statements.

"Enough's enough, basically."

Despite the requests getting shot down today, the judge did leave the matter open to possibly revisit at a later date. But that may not be the only court date that awaits McCready's chatty hangers-on.

"If information keeps coming out or is released by certain people, we'd have to consider a civil injunction. Has it been discussed? Not yet. But it's certainly a possibility."

Regardless, Moon is still counting the court defeat as something of a victory, as the simple act of filing the motions, despite their dismissals, sent the message they intended.

"We kind of expected the judge's ruling to deny both. But we wanted to get the point out to everybody that Mindy's trying to do everything to get her son back and is making great strides. And we wanted to get the point out to everybody that there is a little kid involved here."

And a troubled adult.

As for McCready herself, longtime confidant Brent Young told E! News that the 34-year-old country singer was released from the Cape Coral Hospital around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday. On Wednesday, McCready touched base with her Celeb Rehab counselor, Dr. Drew Pinsky, who said Mindy "sounded good" during their chat.

Publicist Kat Atwood said in a statement Thursday that McCready is "truly grateful for, and humbled by, the outpour of support."

"As of this afternoon, Mindy is at home resting; her condition is good and she is in good spirits. Thoughts, prayers and encouragement will prove much more effective than sensational statements and headlines."

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