Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens

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Dear Ted:
Sadly, no pets here...too many allergies. Sad face. a guilty fan of Zefron and Vanessa, have the two ever been a BV? She had all that nudity stuff...we're talking some real BVs.

Dear Shocker:
Actually, she has...not. But Zac sure has!

Dear Ted:
OK, I know you claim that very high numbers of Hollywood stars are gay. So I think I have five who are completely straight. Joel McHale, Ryan Gosling, John Krasinski, Patrick Dempsey and Jimmy Kimmel. I know they all work in very different areas of Hollywood but it was all I could think of. Am I right?

Dear Pretty on the Money:

Dear Ted:
Is Summit trying to break the Robsten bubble again? Scheduling Kristen and Taylor to go to Seoul and Australia without any other cast coming along. Why just the two of them in the Far East or Down Under? Shouldn't Ashley, Jackson, Elizabeth, Nikki, Kellan, Peter or Aussie Xavier be involved as well? What's the whole idea?

Dear Leftovers:
Clearly the studio isn't dying to dish out the big bucks to put all their cast up. How difficult was it again just to get some of the second-class cast contracts? Summit has their priorities, and it's Kristen, Taylor and Rob. Aren't those the main three the fans care about anyway?

Dear Ted:
Has Seann William Scott ever been a BV?

Dear American Guy:
Yep, but a hundred years ago.

Dear Ted:
It has been a while since I've written in and I am getting behind on my BVs. You could speed up my catching up and tell me if Mark Wahlberg is Chet Chick-Muncher. Love and miss you!

Dear Swing and a Miss:
No, Marky's a (mostly) reformed bad-boy, darling. Think less pretty, too.

Dear Ted:
I have never followed celebrity gossip very closely until a recent health concern. I started following your coverage of all things Robsten and must admit I am hooked on both Robsten and your wit! I am impressed by both of these two gorgeous, talented young people and totally high-five their rebellious, intensely private love affair. One question—is our girl Kristen as crazy about Rob as he is about her? Sometimes I just get the vibe that she is not as emotionally invested in their relationship. So is she or is she not?

Dear One-Sided:
That's just K's personality...she's not the giddy super emotional girl. She's the chill, down-to-earth, take it as it comes girl. That's why we heart her! She and Rob are totally cool.

Dear Ted:
Why did Sophia Bush say that she's been dating Austin Nichols for four years? She forgot that she had two long-term boyfriends during that time, actors Jon Foster and James Lafferty, and that this statement contradicts what she said about Austin in the past. Don't you think it's interesting that she created this particular dating timeline and that she strategically chose E! to talk about it?

Dear Coincidences:
Hey, you're sayin' it, not me! But yes, the timeline is more than fishy.

Dear Ted:
How great is the new Kristen Stewart interview in Elle UK? I think it's my favorite one so far. And I love how she basically yet very tastefully confirms what everyone knows about a certain "deliciously handsome" man. I believe she was able to keep her life private while giving the interviewer a special inside glimpse at her life. Well done, K.Stew. And it doesn't hurt that this is the British version of Elle, too! Nice little ode to her love, Rob.

Dear Agreed:
You forgot to mention the incredibly smokin' hot pictures of Ms. Stewart! We're sure Rob approved.

Dear Ted:
Everyone at the AT, Happy Anniversary. You guys are the reason I pay my Internet bill every month! OK, the reason I'm writing this is to let you know how completely and utterly pissed off I am at the ex-Mr. Sandra Bullock! So now he screwed around on Sandra because he was abused as a child? WTF? Puh-leeeze! He cheated on her because...wait for it...he could! He wanted to have his cake and eat it, too (damn my dirty mind)! No one had a perfect childhood. He thinks bringing up his past is going to get him sympathy, but it just makes him look like more of a pathetic loser. What did Sandy ever see in that moron?

Dear Love is Blind:
Sandra's a cool chick, so not the stuck-up conniving Hollywood types we're usually used to reporting about. She probably thought Jesse was uniquely different and liked how out of the Hollywood bubble he was. But a Tiger can't change his stripes...and a white trash freako can't become classy just because his wife is.

Dear Ted:
I am a huge Robsten lover and have been rooting for them since the Catherine Hardwicke (shudder) days. But lately, there seems to be a ton of nonsense in the news about Kristen being a bitch to Rob and Rob not having the "equipment" to stand up for himself. Please, tell me this is false. Any new insight?

Dear Don't Believe What You Read:

Dear Ted:
First, I really, super don't get the big deal about celebs being out. I've had a crush on Neil Patrick Harris since I was 5, and his sexuality doesn't change that. I still adore him, because all Hollywood is, is fantasy. Allowing a star's personal life disrupt your suspension of disbelief shows a complete lack of imagination, in my opinion. Besides, it's not like I have a shot with Johnny Depp, either.

Dear Letter of the Day:
It's probably because you know how to keep a little reality with your gossip. Most people do not. As you said, Hollywood is a fantasy. Too many people sit unhappy in their lives and dream of being rescued by Mr. Right. Mr. Right can't be homolicious for these women (and men).

Dear Ted:
Really interested in the relationship between Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli. Are there any new details. There have been wedding rumors, but now they seem to be apart again.

Dear Wandering Eye:
Leo certainly wasn't missing his arm candy at Maxim's party last week. As pretty as these two are to look at together, don't think they're the right fit. Really, what girl can follow Gisele, anyway?

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