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Justin Bieber's "Baby" face might be experiencing some growing pains.

While making an appearance in April on the Australian TV morning show Sunrise, the 16-year-old teen sensation allegedly snapped at a floor manager by way of a four-letter word. Or, in this case, a seven-letter one…

Sunrise cohost David Koch claimed on a Sydney radio program Wednesday that Bieber was a "thoroughly nice bloke, really decent guy."

That is, until it came time for him to sing.

"Our floor manager was directing him to where he was about to perform, and he turned around and said 'Don't ever f**king touch me again,'" recalled Koch, adding that the floor manager was a bit taken aback by the remark, but was casually reassured by Bieber's sound engineer that "he tells us that all the time."

"So I was a little disappointed in that," said Koch. "I thought, 'Maybe someone needs to drag you aside and give you a bit of a slap.' "

Naturally, the Bieb turned to Twitter to tweet about the potty mouth accusation.

"Family time with my mom couldn't come at a better time…I was raised to respect others and not gossip…nor answer gossip with anger," he wrote. "I know my friends family and fans know the person I am. Hearing adults spread lies and rumors is part of the job I guess."

That, and almost hitting your head against glass windows. Just par for the course.

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