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Sure it's always been about Mr. Big vs. Aidan in the battle for Carrie's heart, but let's not forget Ms. Bradshaw has had a lot of suitors. Like seriously, a lot.

Some of them have even been kinda famous: Bradley Cooper, Vince Vaughn, David Duchovny, Timothy Olyphant and Liz Lemon's Beeper King Dean Winters.

And for every Carrie guy that didn't have big name, he at least had an awesome story, like Wade the guy with a scooter who worked at a comic-book store, or Ray King the crazy-talking jazz guy, or Howie the guy who has sex like a jackrabbit.

So get ready for this weekend's big premiere of Sex and the City goes to the Middle East (except not really) by checking out our Top 9 Carrie hookups...then let us know who deserves that 10th spot.

GET THE LIST: Top 9 Carrie Bradshaw Hookups

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