Meryl Streep, Sandra Bullock

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for VH1

Now that MTV's confirmed Sandra Bullock is making her first postscandal awards-show appearance, how fabulous it is we had it first!

And to celebrate, we have a really sexy idea:

As Sandy will be receiving the MTV Generation Award, she's obviously shown she can juggle several decades of the entertainment business and knows how to survive. And we're not just talking evil hubbies like Jesse James here, either.

Nope, Sandy always knows just how to play it—like deep-throating Meryl Streep at the Critics Choice this year. And what better way than to get every audience member's mind off stupid questions about even stupider Jesse (which she has no intention of answering anyway) than to...

Pull another same-sex smooch at the MTV Movie Awards!

This time with a hot young MTV-era sweetheart! Totally takes the Sapphic stuff down to an even naughtier level when she kisses some gal she could be a mom to, right?

That'll get us reporters off asking question after question about Bombshell McGee's bedtime choices, right?

Bullock Lip-Lock Poll
Who should Sandy kiss next?

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