Mindy McCready, David Hasselhoff

Jeff Frank/ZUMApress.com; Mike Marsland/WireImage.com

Having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day? It'll be OK.

You can't hold a candle to these folks:

Mindy McCready The troubled country star popped some Darvocet jimmies for a "broken toe." Her concerned mom, Gayle, called 911 and had her hospitalized. Mindy, honey, get some help. Foot injury or not, this is no way to win custody of your son.

David Hasselhoff The alcohol-battling Hoff is denying reports that his 17-year-old daughter took him to the hospital this past Sunday after a three-day binge. Weekend bender or not, David, you are very lucky to have a loyal daughter like Hayley.

So say a little prayer and sound off on who's got it worse:

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I'm really, really happy I'm not:

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