Jesse James Spews Forth on Nazis, Sandra and Louis

Sandra Bullock's soon-to-be ex shoots down all speculation of Nazi leanings, talks adoption, marriage and rehab

By Gina Serpe May 25, 2010 4:23 PMTags
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Another day, another leaked snippet from Nightline's much-hyped interview with Jesse James.

Today's topics: Nazism, rehab, adoption, Sandra Bullock and, of course, cheating. Yeah, that last one is something of a recurring theme.

"I told her basically everything," James said. Albeit one magazine cover story too late.

"That I had affairs outside of our marriage," he went on.

Asked by ABC News' Vicki Mabrey if Bullock suspected any extramarital activity, he admitted that she did.

"I think she's had her suspicions, you know, in the past. But I lied, lied my way out of it. I lied to everyone about everything. Even to myself."

As for his stint in rehab, he told Bullock prior to checking in what his intentions were.

"I just told her I was going to get some help and I wanted to make sure she would take care of Sunny." Pretty big ask, considering the circumstances.

Her response: "'No problem. OK.' She told me she was proud of me." That makes one.

Of course, his troubles didn't stop there, as the now infamous photo of him in Nazi garb emerged while he was seeking treatment. According to James, the speculation that surrounded that picture was the worst part of his ordeal.

"I think out of anything, this is why I'm doing this interview the most. Dealing with losing my marriage and my son and embarrassing everyone and decimating my life, but to be called a racist on top of that...It makes me really sad seeing the photo and the way I look.

"I don't even remember taking the photo, but I can tell by the look on my face that it was a joke that was funny then, probably for like a minute, but looking at it now in the context of my life, it's not funny.

"There's not a racist bone in my body."

As for the now 3-month-old baby Louis, the result of a four-year adoption process, James said they found out they would be receiving the child around Christmastime and welcomed him into their family on New Year's Day.

"I didn't care what color he was, my only prerequisite for adopting a baby, I want the baby that needs us the most."

And while Sandra has made clear she intends on coparenting Louis with Jesse, her solo People magazine spread and revelation that the boy would be taking on her last name, not James', really hit home.

"It made me sad, but I realized why things have to be done in a certain way," he said. "To see her in the role of mother is like one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. She is like a fish to water. As soon as she put that baby in her hands, it was automatic and amazing."

The complete interview will be shown tonight on Nightline, including James' emotional walking out of the interview, which Mabrey teased had to do with "memories from his childhood."

Granted, the memories from his adult life aren't exactly a walk in the park, either.

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