Fox Source: "Megan and Brian Will Get Married"

Insider believes a hottie wedding is in the near future

By Ted Casablanca May 25, 2010 3:58 PMTags
Megan Fox, Brian Austin

Megan Fox, you are so crafty. Isn't that why we heart you?

See, it seems the Transformers 3 "quitting" isn't the only thing Fox might be spinning right now.

We checked in with one of our M.F. sources about the latest with her and on-again, off-again stud Brian Austin Green. The twosome looked cuddly as ever making out over some fro-yo to celebrate her 24th birthday last week.

And it seems another celebration may be in order for the longtime couple:

She purchased a new five-bedroom home in L.A.'s Los Feliz neighborhood, so we wondered if that meant BAG got the invite to move in. After all, Meg had been crashing with him forever, so it only seems fair right?

"[Brian] moved in and has been living in her new house for a while," confirms our source.

So what about marriage, already? After all, they've been together forever, by Hollywood standards, even pre-Megan fame, and most importantly, Megan loves Brian's kid, Cassius, like he's her own son.

"Yes, Megan and Brian will get married," dishes a source close to the couple. The insider believes the nuptials are bound to happen soon.

So, when, exactly?

Here's where the fun stuff comes in:

Elisabetta Villa/Getty Images; Mirek Towski/FilmMagic

Vanessa Marcil, Brian's ex and baby mama, is engaged to her own on-off honey, Carmine Giovinazzo, from CSI:NY. After recently getting back together, Carmine and Vanessa, we're assured, decided they were ready to put some rings on it—although, they keep pushing the date back.

Now remember, Vanessa and Brian aren't exactly the friendliest of exes, and Brian's current and former babes ain't exactly besties, either.

"I wouldn't be surprised if Megan and Brian announced an engagement to overshadow Vanessa's wedding," gossips our source. "Either right before or right after—I could totally see that happening. It would drive Vanessa crazy."

Meow babes, love it or love it?

Either way, we are happy Megan and Brian are back together. Think about it, they're perfect. Fox had some of her single crazy fun (maybe or maybe not with Robert Pattinson), but it was time to go back to her main man. B and M have been through a lot, and most importantly, her favorite role right now is playing mom.

So, Vanessa and Carmine, get on with it will ya? We're ready to see what kinda ring Miss Fox will be sporting.

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Megan Fox has many moods. Is "happy bride" one of them?