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We know we promised we wouldn't talk about Morgan Mayhem anymore—until she cleans up her act, that is, which she so totally is not doing—so we apologize for bringing the dreaded M2 back into the mix. Had to.

The good news? This Blind Vice isn't entirely about nasty old Morgs, it's more about the young Hollywood bestie that's getting the Mayhem 101 in "How to Be Bad."

Meet Strawberry Snort'Em, a rising diva known for her mildly wild ways, who's picked up one of M.M.'s nastier habits…

Coke, a Mayhem fave (tho she'd tell you otherwise, obviously).

You wouldn't know it, but S.S. and M2 are quite close—as in share-a-gay-BFF close, the ultimate bond in H'wood. Thing is, Strawberry knows Morgan's rep and wouldn't be caught anywhere near her.

Even on Twitter, where Morgs desperately tries to chat our newest B.V. vixen up but never gets as much as a pity @reply.

But when Strawberry doesn't think she'll be caught, she's got absolutely no problem getting Morgan-level wild! And for a chick who's so friggin' concerned about what people think of her, S.S. isn't so discreet about her bathroom behaviors.

Maybe she figured it was an unspoken code of T-town? "What goes on in the bathroom, stays in the bathroom…"

Well, a few someones are blabbing.

Fellow clubbers on this specific night were too pleased to spot S.S. and M2 snorting away in the trendy L.A. hot spot's posh bathrooms.

And while Morgan went on to much more tabloid-talked-about antics that night (as she always does), Strawberry avoided the press and instead pissed off the other partyers with her coked-up craziness.

Strawberry was completely out of control, dish our club sources, telling us S2 was even climbing on statues within the club. S2's got a name that carries clout in Hollyweird, so security obviously didn't step in to stop her, even though the other club-hoppers were complaining.

Hey, this is Hollywood, people, if you don't like the way the starlets play, get out of the damn clubs, right?

With Morgan as a role model, we're terrified of what may become of sweet Strawberry Snort'Em. Cross your fingers, folks, because we'd hate to see S2's career—and personal life (what would her dude think?)—go down the drain like Morgan's.

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